The Universe

I am going to talk about the Universe, my personal perspectives on it, and some of the questions that come to me.

Once upon a time, long long ago, as I was growing up in rural India, I had been fascinated by the bright night sky & the sheer beauty of it all. It also raised many questions in my mind – who am I, who we are, how far are all those stars, from where does everything begin, where it all ends…

Several years later, as I stand here, I am still fascinated. I understand a little bit more now. However, most of the questions still unanswered. Some new questions came up. Some questions have answers in science, some in spirituality. Some I understand, some I think I understand. ..& some I don’t. My understanding of the universe is expanding. The more I know, the more I feel that how little I know.

Little about our universe from a scientific perspective…

As per science, our universe is about 14 billion years old. Everything started with a big bang! & then everything that we see today, billions of galaxies, the stars, the planets & all in between was created from a point. That time, was the beginning of time & space. Ever since the universe is expanding. The universe is believed to be at least 10 billion light years in diameter. All held together by gravity & other forces, everything revolving around their respective orbits.

Back to our neighborhood…

In this grand scheme of things, we are just a tiny speck, a pale blue dot, just like a little grain of sand in all the sands on all the beaches in the world.

Our galaxy, by itself, is a tiny dot among billions of galaxies. However, to us, it holds 200 billion stars, light takes a million years to travel from one end to the other. A lot of real estate! Our closest neighbor is Andromeda, about 25,000 light years away. If we take a start now at speed of light, we might end up there as a totally new species.

As the universe is expanding, so is time & space. Back on earth, something to contemplate – do we have time? Maybe not enough time as there is always another email to check or a message to send! It seems that most of us are trying to run past the moving time.

It looks like a never ending story, time will move on, & so will we. The universe may be here for billions of years to come. But then who knows, as everything in the universe is so cyclical, maybe this time will end with a big crunch … followed by another big bang…& start of this story again!

The Oriental perspective of the universe…

In the oriental world, the quest had not been to look for the universe outside. The emphasis is more to look inward. The view is that we are made of everything that the universe is made of. So we are in the universe & universe is in us…literally. So, close your eyes & take a deep breath & just experience it.

The universe is made of all those elements that we are made of. Our building blocks are the same as the universe – protons, neutrons, electrons. Only exception earth has…it has got one extra element…morons.

Conspiracy theories…

There are some interesting theories out there, that this universe is a hologram created by aliens from other universes, there are multiple universes, ours is just one among billions…we all are part of a game, part of a grand computer simulation! Done to amuse them!

The questions that need answers are – what is outside of our universe, if big bang created everything, then, what was before the big bang? & what caused it? Are we the result of cosmic coincidences? Some answer in theory. But largely very little is known…simply it’s limitless & beyond current human understanding.

So, if the universe is a question…then what is the answer…perhaps, there might not be any question to start with…we might unnecessarily be trying to find answers to questions that do not exist. But, the universe exists! & we exist! Whether we find answers or not…


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